Thursday, November 19, 2009

All words no pics:(

It has been a long time since my last post. I have not been able to upload pictures to blogger. We thought it was my Internet, nope, got that changed so now I am just blaming blogger! I have Logan's 2 year old pictures I took to post, our Christmas tree story, lots of Christmas time pictures, and no way to post them!

So instead of a post about the crazy Christmas card photo shoot, i am forced to do a words only post. Yuck, I know!!

We have been getting in the Christmas spirit around here and the countdown has begun. 10 more days till we celebrate the birth of Christ, or as Sydney would say, 10 more sleeps till Santa comes! I love this time of year. I even love all the crazy shopping!
Another thing that has kept me busy is my new love, yes my iPhone. How did I ever live without??? So my favorite apps of the week, for you other iphone lovers...

5. Shopping list ( here i have made a Christmas budget and actually followed it)
4. All Recipes
3. fotokasten
And the # 1 app on my phone this week is a toss up between ZooBorns ( cutie little animal babies for my Syd) and What animal noise? (Logan is a pro at guessing the animal)
***And yes they are all FREE because I am so cheap I wont even spend 1$ on an app:)

As for the kids, my Syd is still doing great is school. I hear she is quite the teacher and is always on her best behavior. I saw a shirt that she def needs it read, " If given a tiara, I am fairly certain I could rule the world" and she could!

Little Logan makes me laugh. He is so not the shopper like big sis! He would rather stay at home and play with mommy, all day, every day. He is still such a mommy's boy and I am cherishing this time so much. He is not quite as social as big sis either. Please don't be offended if her hollers NO at you if you speak to him. We are still working on that ;). Speaking of Logan, if I am missing any c's in my writing, he is to blame. He removed 5 of my keys on my computer and now they are rearranged and the c is just plain messed up!

It is so neat to see their differences and their sweet little personalities. I am truly blessed with these precious kids!!!

OK, that's all the words I can handle for the time being. Maybe next time I will be able to show you some pictures, MAYBE!

Monday, October 5, 2009

Blanket making for a good cause

This year Sydney's school is having a silent auction as their main fund raiser. I offered to make a blanket for the event. I made it the size of a crib blanket but it would also work for a larger kid. It turned out great and I think I am actually going to be able to make a new comforter for Sydney's bed. I bought some giraffe material months ago and then talked myself out of it.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

When does the puppy stage end?

Clearly not at a year old!

I'll start off by saying how high maintenance Ms. Cuddles is. She is solid white and therefore has to be bathed and blow dried about every 5 days, once a month with a whitening shampoo and the others with an anti itch shampoo. She is brushed every day as to avoid matting (a Maltese thing). She has special food for her allergies and her face needs to be washed every day to avoid the rusty color tear staining she can get(also a Maltese thing). Then there's the bows and the cute little dressed I cant help to buy her.

All that to say she is a pain to keep so darn cute! Imagine my surprise, only 2 days after her last bath, to find her sitting in her chair, face and paws covered in brown, black and yellow paint. We had gone to the grocery store, put Cuddles in her chair by the bar, gave her food and water and left. We come back to a multi colored dog hunched down in her chair, for sure she is going to be in trouble.
Sydney has been making some crafts at the bar and was so excited to paint them today. She had some new little paints, unopened, waiting for her at the bar.

Cuddles took the liberty of tearing them open, and getting all of the paint all over herself.

So here she is refusing to come back inside after a potty break. I think she knows Sydney and I are not very pleased.

Cornered, you can see the paint on her paws and face

The little naughty thing bathed and still looking guilty

So, anybody actually know when the dreaded puppy stage ends? We are counting the days.Our friends, just this week, told us it is better with 2 puppies than 1. I dont know, I dont think I can afford to find out!!!

Friday, November 14, 2008

I Heart Baking !

Most of you know that I love baking. Not to confuse it with cooking though. I am no chef in the kitchen and with at least 1 kid on my hip I do what is fast and easy. I have found a way for Jeremy to eat anything I prepare with out frowning... make him pick up takeout for weeks on end, then when I do decide to cook he gushes over how thankful he is that he didn't have to pick it up. Works for me:)
Back to baking now. Lately I am obsessed with cupcakes. Probably because having 2 little ones, I know I will be making them by the hundreds. It will be a sad day for me if they completely eradicate sweets from the school system. For my birthday I even asked for a cupcake book and I cant wait to try some of those recipes out.
So I have no neat pictures in this post or funny stories about the kids. I only write this to let you know I have found new inspiration, Bakerella. I found her site from fabulousk and I am entranced. This is right up my alley. So go check her out.
And mom, know that I will be making the red velvet cake balls for our trip to see grandma, so save your calories!

Friday, September 12, 2008

Newest Member of the Republican Party

Cuddles has decided to join the Republican Party with a little help from Jeremy. While in Ruidoso, we came across this cute little dog boutique. Cuddles came away with new doggy shampoo, smelly good spray, and two little doggie shirts. At least we opted out of the doggy tutus and dresses (for now).However, she does have a Halloween costume waiting for her. A little overboard- Nah:)
Here is the princess sporting her new Republican shirt

And the I love pink shirt courtesy of mom and Syd

Saturday, July 5, 2008

OK- I Did It

I dont know why, but it took me a while to get up the nerve to post one of these things. Maybe because I am afraid of the time it may take or maybe because I am not at all computer savvy. But I did it because life is such and adventure and I would love to keep better track of all the hillarious things my Syd says and all the adorable things my baby boy does. So here goes!!!