Thursday, November 19, 2009

All words no pics:(

It has been a long time since my last post. I have not been able to upload pictures to blogger. We thought it was my Internet, nope, got that changed so now I am just blaming blogger! I have Logan's 2 year old pictures I took to post, our Christmas tree story, lots of Christmas time pictures, and no way to post them!

So instead of a post about the crazy Christmas card photo shoot, i am forced to do a words only post. Yuck, I know!!

We have been getting in the Christmas spirit around here and the countdown has begun. 10 more days till we celebrate the birth of Christ, or as Sydney would say, 10 more sleeps till Santa comes! I love this time of year. I even love all the crazy shopping!
Another thing that has kept me busy is my new love, yes my iPhone. How did I ever live without??? So my favorite apps of the week, for you other iphone lovers...

5. Shopping list ( here i have made a Christmas budget and actually followed it)
4. All Recipes
3. fotokasten
And the # 1 app on my phone this week is a toss up between ZooBorns ( cutie little animal babies for my Syd) and What animal noise? (Logan is a pro at guessing the animal)
***And yes they are all FREE because I am so cheap I wont even spend 1$ on an app:)

As for the kids, my Syd is still doing great is school. I hear she is quite the teacher and is always on her best behavior. I saw a shirt that she def needs it read, " If given a tiara, I am fairly certain I could rule the world" and she could!

Little Logan makes me laugh. He is so not the shopper like big sis! He would rather stay at home and play with mommy, all day, every day. He is still such a mommy's boy and I am cherishing this time so much. He is not quite as social as big sis either. Please don't be offended if her hollers NO at you if you speak to him. We are still working on that ;). Speaking of Logan, if I am missing any c's in my writing, he is to blame. He removed 5 of my keys on my computer and now they are rearranged and the c is just plain messed up!

It is so neat to see their differences and their sweet little personalities. I am truly blessed with these precious kids!!!

OK, that's all the words I can handle for the time being. Maybe next time I will be able to show you some pictures, MAYBE!


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there is a new picture uploader you can download if you haven't done it. it might help.

Go to your blog dashboard
Click Settings and you should automatically be under the Basic tab
Scroll all the way down until you see Global Settings
Select Post Editor: UPDATED