Thursday, July 16, 2009

When does the puppy stage end?

Clearly not at a year old!

I'll start off by saying how high maintenance Ms. Cuddles is. She is solid white and therefore has to be bathed and blow dried about every 5 days, once a month with a whitening shampoo and the others with an anti itch shampoo. She is brushed every day as to avoid matting (a Maltese thing). She has special food for her allergies and her face needs to be washed every day to avoid the rusty color tear staining she can get(also a Maltese thing). Then there's the bows and the cute little dressed I cant help to buy her.

All that to say she is a pain to keep so darn cute! Imagine my surprise, only 2 days after her last bath, to find her sitting in her chair, face and paws covered in brown, black and yellow paint. We had gone to the grocery store, put Cuddles in her chair by the bar, gave her food and water and left. We come back to a multi colored dog hunched down in her chair, for sure she is going to be in trouble.
Sydney has been making some crafts at the bar and was so excited to paint them today. She had some new little paints, unopened, waiting for her at the bar.

Cuddles took the liberty of tearing them open, and getting all of the paint all over herself.

So here she is refusing to come back inside after a potty break. I think she knows Sydney and I are not very pleased.

Cornered, you can see the paint on her paws and face

The little naughty thing bathed and still looking guilty

So, anybody actually know when the dreaded puppy stage ends? We are counting the days.Our friends, just this week, told us it is better with 2 puppies than 1. I dont know, I dont think I can afford to find out!!!