Friday, November 14, 2008

I Heart Baking !

Most of you know that I love baking. Not to confuse it with cooking though. I am no chef in the kitchen and with at least 1 kid on my hip I do what is fast and easy. I have found a way for Jeremy to eat anything I prepare with out frowning... make him pick up takeout for weeks on end, then when I do decide to cook he gushes over how thankful he is that he didn't have to pick it up. Works for me:)
Back to baking now. Lately I am obsessed with cupcakes. Probably because having 2 little ones, I know I will be making them by the hundreds. It will be a sad day for me if they completely eradicate sweets from the school system. For my birthday I even asked for a cupcake book and I cant wait to try some of those recipes out.
So I have no neat pictures in this post or funny stories about the kids. I only write this to let you know I have found new inspiration, Bakerella. I found her site from fabulousk and I am entranced. This is right up my alley. So go check her out.
And mom, know that I will be making the red velvet cake balls for our trip to see grandma, so save your calories!


Loving Life in Trubyville said...

You are so talented!! You can sew, bake, are an amazing there anything you can't do?? Ok, I have a challenge for you Mrs. Betty Crocker!! Can you make me some yummy fat free cup cakes?? :)

DONDI said...


Denae said...

Be careful with the red velvet cake will soon have people harrassing you to make them despite giving out the recipe! :)